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Child car seats: Are you going to be affected by the Changes in 2017?

- Friday, December 09, 2016

Changes are being made to the weight and height at which a child will be allowed to use a backless booster seat. However, parents will not need to replace car seats they have already bought because they can continue to use them.

At present parents can use these types of seats for children who weigh 15kg and above normally 4 years and above.

The new rules will mean only children weighing over 22kg who are also over 125cm tall can use the seats.

The United Nations, which sets the safety standards for car seats, has approved the change which must now be implemented by the EU.

The government said the new rules will come in is March 2017 and they will affect the whole of the UK

Many child car seat experts say they are unsuitable for small children as the child is not held as securely in the seat, the adult seat belt is not guided across their body in the best way and they offer little protection if a car is involved in a side-on crash due to the lack of side impact protection.

Things to remember that the law requires all children travelling in any vehicle must use the correct child car seat for the weight of their childuntil they are either 135cm or 12 years of age with ever they reach first.

see here for information  about which car seat stages are suitable fro your little one but remember each child is different . 

Group 0+ (infant seats) – 0 to 13kg
Group 1 (toddler seats) – 9kg to 18kg
Group 2,3 (Booster seats) – 15kg to 36kg

you might also like to remember that not every car seat fits every car,  we have IOSH accredited car seat fitters on hand to help guide you through the new legislation and laws. 

If you any further information please contact us on 02392 670 670 or email

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